MKMCXX is a C++ program for constructing microkinetic models.

MKMCXX is free to use

Fast and robust microkinetics modeling

Check out what MKMCXX can do for you!

Extremely fast

Developed using modern C++ to get the fastest code.

Automatic graph generation

Graphs are generated on the fly with every simulation.

Automatic kinetic analysis

Apparent activation energies, reaction orders and Campbell's Degree of Rate Control.

Easy to learn

We have plenty of tutorials to get you started.





Latest stable 2.6.0

RELEASE OS ARCH SIZE DATE Windows x64 1.317.271 bytes 2018-06-14
mkmcxx-2.7.0-debian-x64.tar.bz2 Linux Debian x64 3.953.622 bytes 2019-01-24 Windows x64 1.275.693 bytes 2019-01-22

Nightly build (2.9.7)

mkmcxx-2.9.7-debian-x64.tar.bz2 Linux Debian x64 3.949.879 bytes 2019-01-24

A nightly build is a neutral build that takes place automatically. The last changes to the source code of the day are committed to the repository and are automatically included in the build. We perform the build overnight and perform a test. Although the build is not considered stable (i.e. we do not recommend using it for actual research), it allows you to test newly added features.

Pre-release (2.5.19)

RELEASE OS ARCH SIZE DATE Windows x64 1.406.127 bytes 2019-01-22

The pre-release version of MKMCXX will be very close to the final version, but will have mostly fixes which have been found in beta added to the final release. We only distribute the pre-release for Windows, as the latest version of the develop branch is provided by the nightly build for Linux systems.

Older versions

RELEASE OS ARCH SIZE DATE Windows x64 1.300.260 bytes 2019-01-22
mkmcxx-2.3.1-debian-x64.tar.bz2 Linux Debian x64 3.953.927 bytes 2019-01-22 Windows x64 1.299.585 bytes 2019-01-22 Windows x64 1.263.152 bytes 2019-01-22
mkmcxx-2.2.2-debian-x64.tar.bz2 Linux Debian x64 3.955.063 bytes 2019-01-22 Windows x64 1.261.823 bytes 2019-01-22
mkmcxx-2.2.1-debian-x64.tar.bz2 Linux Debian x64 3.953.581 bytes 2019-01-22